Electronic Roof Leak Detecting

Electronic Leak Detection is used for accurately pinpointing roofing defects in flat or low slope single ply roofing systems. Testing is done in dry conditions and works by passing a current over the roof through a phosphor bronze brush electrode. As most roof systems are non-conducting, the current will earth through any areas that are leaking, showing as an earthing spark.

This non-destructive method of testing enables us to quickly and accurately identify the location of any faults, such as pinholes or defective laps, which we then mark on the roof. Once the roof survey is complete, we plot all the areas in need of attention on a roof plan and recommend a schedule of remedial work to correct the problems. We also perform Electronic Leak Detecting surveys as a quality control measure on newly built single ply roofs to ensure that they are fault-free and in optimum condition after completion.

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