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An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure

Roof Asset Managment

Understanding the current condition of your roofing asset is the key to planning for the future of your buildings. We would recommend as a minimum, an annual inspection of every roof system, as far too often the cause of roof failure is the absence of inspection and proper maintenance. Roofs can be categorised against a table of condition to ascertain their true value, and costs can be proposed for remedial actions to extend longevity.


Condition assessment to ascertain current roof performance
Repairs or replacement based upon your performance and condition criteria
Defined condition targets to help contain future costs
Ongoing maintenance plan
Extended roof life cycles
Environmental impact reduced through effective resource management

The FRS team are very professional and dedicated. Through their investigation process we have effectively and efficiently surveyed our full roof estate and put in place an effective maintenance and repair plan that cost effectively rectifies long standing problems and manages problem areas within our budgets through the roof asset management service.


Roof Asset Managment


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About Us

Your roof is one of your biggest assets, but if it’s not looked after properly, it can also create some of the biggest, most expensive problems. In the current climate where budgets are tight and companies find themselves under greater pressure to be more sustainable, the challenge is for businesses to manage roof assets effectively to ensure their longevity and contain costs. We passionately believe that by prioritising performance and condition, we can help you reduce the number of roof problems you’ll experience and increase the life cycle of your risk portfolio.


Richard Halkier

Richard has worked in roofing for the last 27 years. Over this period he has developed many long term relationships that have resulted in the delivery of many successful contracts. Richard believes that this new and innovative approach to roof asset management will allow the client much more freedom of choice and greater levels of roof sustainability and budget predictability

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