Quality Control

At Forensic Roofing Solutions, we’re here to make sure that every aspect of your roof construction is completed to the highest quality. From preliminary specifications through to completion, our quality control technicians are on hand to ensure that your roof installation complies with all the necessary regulations and performance standards, and you receive accurate ongoing progress reports.

As many of the vital elements of a roof system are not accessible once complete, our Quality Control team meticulously monitors every phase the installation. Our stringent control measures are an essential tool in helping us to pre-empt any potential problems and if they do occur, remedy them quickly and effectively. Throughout the project, we work alongside other stakeholders such as roofing contractors, design professionals or building owners to make sure contract documents and manufacturer’s standards are fully adhered to, and you have complete peace of mind.

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If you have a roofing problem area you would like us to investigate or would like to know more about our roof asset management service please fill in the form and we will contact you within 24 hour or give us a call.

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